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10 reasons to invest in Spain

Spain remains the ideal holiday destination for the Dutch. Last year, an average of 10 Dutch people bought a house or an apartment in Spain every day. The Costa Blanca has everything that the Dutch like: sun, good food, beautiful nature and culture.

The Dutch like to go on holiday in Spain and are increasingly buying a second home there. Here are the ten main reasons why fellow countrymen buy a house or apartment on the Costa Blanca.

A good investment

Last year, 1 in four Dutch people borrowed to purchase a second home. Spain remains the most popular option abroad.

When you buy a second home to rent out, you are doing well. The Costa Blanca is very popular and if you want to rent out your apartment or house and see it as an investment, you can count on many interested people.

The Mediterranean climate.

The sun shines on the Costa Blanca about 320 days a year. It is also wonderful to hibernate. Even in winter, the average temperature is around 20 degrees

Standard of living

It is cheap in Spain compared to a country like the Netherlands. A full shopping cart in the supermarket can be between 30 to 50 percent cheaper than in the Netherlands.

Good health care.

The sea, the healthy air, the large amount of sun with vitamin D. The many mud baths, the salt lakes have led to the region being named the healthiest region in Europe.

Because the region is so popular with the Dutch, there are Dutch general practitioners, dentists everywhere, so you will easily be addressed in your own language


The Spanish gastronmie is great. The many restaurants, tapas bars and wine bars. Enjoy every day in search of new experiences.

Culture and Nature

The Costa Blanca is full of culture in beautiful cities such as Cartagena and much more. The many natural parks such as the Montgo in Denia - Jesus Pobre. You can still really find unspoilt beaches and nature in the Costa Blanca.

Investment in your spare time.

A second home in Spain. Wonderful to visit once in a while for a long weekend. Recharge the battery with the family. Wonderful holidays or of course blissful to live all year round.

Central location

The Costa Blanca has a very central location. Large cities very easily accessible. Madrid with high speed train within 3.5 hours and also the Sierra Nevada for great skiing.

Easily accessible

Costa Blanca is easily accessible by plane. Airports such as Alicante or Murcia. Just over two hours and you are at your destination


The Costa Blanca is known for its many sports options. Whatever sport you love, everything is within reach


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